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this summer with our extensive range of 3D Assets!

NEW KIT: Kailasia

Journey to the end of the world and discovery the mystical temples of Kailasia.

Asset Smash is a unique mix of talented Concept & Architectural Designers working together to bring the world original fictional concepts and stylised, professionally Hand Forged 3D Assets for all your 3D needs!

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Journey to the end of the world and discovery the mystical temples of Kailasia.

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Why Asset Smash?

Cross Industry Mix of Talent

Our products are designed by not only talented concept designers but also professionals from real world counterpart industries. Our Kits, for example, are a joint venture by Concept Designers and qualified Architectural Designers.

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Uncompromising Design

When you buy an Asset Smash product you're buying more than a collection of meshes. You are buying a right to use the designs created by a mix of accomplished designers. We believe everyone should have access to the best designers and designs and that it shouldn't be locked behind expensive commission only.

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Right Price, Royalty Free

Our products are priced in a way that fairly reflects the scale and revenue of your operation. So whether you're a weekend warrior soloing it alone in your bedroom, or a massive Studio producing Blockbuster hits, we've got you covered.

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The ultimate Sci-Fi dream


For the World of Tomorrow


An Oplulent Nordic Fantasy


Supreme Imperial Neo-Brutalism


Establish a Sci-Fi colony of your own imagination
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The World in your Head

With just one Kit, you can build a complete, compelling and professionally stylised World of your own imagination.

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