About Us



Who is
Asset Smash?

Asset Smash is a Design brand focused on the imagining and production of Assets of all kind. What makes Asset Smash different is that we are a mix of talented Concept Designers, Artists and also trained, professional designers from other industries such as Architectural Design. We are therefore, an aberrant mix of professional designers making assets for professional artists!

This combination of backgrounds guides a unique approach that enables an understanding & appreciation that every design style is not only exciting shapes & forms but also imagined as a product of the conditions of the world we design the assets for. Whether this world is purely fantastical or one we'd all recognise the result is always unique. We therefore believe our asset bring together the best of both worlds, which in turn, creates something greater capturing the essence of pure imagination & believability.

What do you mean
Build Imagination?

When we say 'Build Imagination', what do we mean? Well, we are of the opinion that everything that is a part of any creative process or workflow is an act of imagination, Asset Smash aims to continually build imagination, as a part of the process and the end result.

This tag line is our Mission Statement and also an invitation and act of encouragement to imagine endlessly and show the world how amazing things can be through pushing the limit over the horizon and beyond.

What's Next?

We are constantly and actively working towards building a broader catalogue of products that offer, refreshing re-imagined twist on recognised genres as well as introducing entirely new and original design styles.