How do I get my File?

Where do you find your file after purchase? What if you lose the file, and need a new copy?

All your files are available immediately following a successful purchase via an email named ,"Your Assets Are Ready to Download!". Simple open this email and hit the button, "Download your Assets" and you will be directed to your order download page on our website!

All your previously purchased files are always available for re-download from your, "Your Assets Are Ready to Download!" email. We recommend saving these email for later use.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any issue relating to file accessibility, we are always happy to help and can always provide an external link or resend your download email if need be.

Re-Linking textures

Our kits ship with Textures already linked and UV mapped inside the file, if they have become unlinked, please follow the steps below...

If your textures have not automatically linked, please follow the below file path to find and re-link the textures.

File > External Data > Find Missing Files