Which Price Option?


Price Option Number of Staff in your Studio or Organisation
Single 1 (Single User)
Team 2 - 7
Studio  8 - 13

Additional Options: 

Large-scale Organisation Licence (Price on Application):

If you're smashing it, and need a Large-scale Organisation Licence to cover 14+ members of Staff, please get in touch at info@asset-smash.com and we will be happy to quickly provide you with a price on application, specifically for you. 

Student Licence (Discount on Application):

If you're studying and would like a student discount, please get in touch at info@asset-smash.com and we will happily provide you with a discount for educational use.

No Fee Licence:

No payment required for Single Users. Simply provide reference to the Asset Smash name & brand when using the kit(s) in your published works and on social media. See our Terms of Service for full details.

For full details on available pricing and licensing options please see our Terms of Service here.